The Psycho-socio Therapy of Norberto Keppe: Dis-inverting an upside Down World

Welcome to a stimulating week-long conference of scientists, engineers, psychotherapists, educators, journalists, artists, students, and socially conscious activists gathering from around the world to explore reakthroughs in the practical application of science, technology, and sustainable development emerging from the science of Analytical Trilogy founded by Dr. Norberto R. Keppe. The CONFERENCE will offer participants the opportunity to experience the possibilities for education, politics, economics, media and communications, arts and esthetics, medicine and health, and psychology when we disinvert our philosophy of life and base ourselves on the principles of truth, beauty and goodness.


Energetics: the science of the universe – Learn about the integration of theology, philosophy and science that forms the basis of Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy and how this brings a new vision of the universe and the society in which we live.

The Keppe Motor – Learn how dis-inverting physics has led to the invention of a model revolutionary, energy-saving motor, which is up to 90% more efficient. You’ll also explore the secrets and wide applicability of capturing and rescuing ’free’ and clean energy, by tapping into a meta-physical dimension that has been ignored or misunderstood by contemporary science and society... (Read more)

Inner Life Workshops – The process of interiorization is an important practice in Keppe’s science because it constitutes a return to connection with one’s inner self, and inside us is where the source of life and happiness resides. Interiorizing brings sanity, balance and natural development and progress.

Eco-Practicum – Work together with the townspeople from a bucolic village in the mountains who are putting into practice the psycho-social models of “Trilogical” Cooperative development based on the principles of truth, beauty and goodness.

You’re Invited – We invite you to work with us in re-establishing a Divine Society on earth as we put into practice psycho-social models of “Trilogical” Cooperative development based on Norberto Keppe’s science of psycho-socio pathology.


Festa do Divino (The Divine’s Feast) –  Is a folkloric feast of the portuguese speaking peoples (lusophone) started in the middle ages by the wife of the Templar King Don Dinis- St. Elizabeth, (Sta Isabel), in order to comemorate the future of Humanity when the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit would be among us and all peoples would live in harmony, justice, peace, aboundance, and universal spirituality. Temporal Powers would not be as they are today, but people of God would live in freedom and equality... (Read more)


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Evanderson Xavier (KAKA), Major of Cambuquira, Brazil, and Leonard Burg, Administrator at Pace University, US.




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In cooperation with the STOP the Destruction of the World Association’s Good Action Campaign