Cambuquira is a small town nestled in the picturesque hills of one of Brazil’s most verdant and ecologically rich regions, the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains. Famous for its Circuito das Aguas, or “water circuits”, the area features many sources of natural spring water boasting high mineral content and medicinal properties. Four small towns, São Lourenço, Caxambu, Lambari, and Cambuquira, were -built up around these water circuits in the 19th century. Cambuquira boomed as a favorite destination for patients sent from doctors in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte looking to heal various ailments with the restorative medicinal properties of Cambuquira’s water springs, considered the best in Brazil (and the Americas!).

However, in the latter half of the 20th century, the Casino was shut down and, as the tourists disappeared, the village fell on hard times. Poverty became a way of life for many, and in 2004, when the Keppe Pacheco Educational Association bought an abandoned art-deco hotel to use as a base for its cultural/scientific activities, the initiative injected a much-needed cultural energy into the forgotten town.

Under this leadership, Cambuquira has become a living experiment where Brazilian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Dr. Norberto Keppe’s socio-economic proposals are being implemented. The finality of this initiative is “food, clothing and shelter free for everyone” and the vibrant volunteer project that has sprung up around this is involving more and more citizens of the town along with an international volunteer force associated with Keppe’s Society of Analytical Trilogy.

The Cambuquira area is rich in history and holds old and new stories waiting to be discovered and shared with the rest of the world. Head back into the abundant Atlantic forest to the coffee plantations perched on the sides of the bucolic hills and experience the lives of those who people this bread-basket of the world. Interview the people working to develop hand-built brick houses for each other. Talk to the kids whose lives are being changed by piano, guitar, dance and photography classes. Interact with the women who are forming their own Portuguese tile painting company. Capture the excitement as entrepreneurs develop a new factory that hand builds a green motor that can lead the way to truly sustainable technology. Experience a historical place and meet people waiting to share their personal stories of hardships, inspiration and triumph.

Website: www.cambuquira.net

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