The 19th Annual International Congress of Analytical Trilogy (ICAT) invites you to submit a
scholarly paper describing and assessing your experiences related to the Congress theme:
The Psycho-socio Therapy of Dr. Norberto Keppe: Dis-inverting an Upside Down World.

At the conference, Scientists, professionals, practitioners and lay people will share how tapping
into and resonating with consciousness - the “Essential Energy” or life force underlying all
creation – has led to dramatic advances in technology and the social sciences.

The conference will feature the discoveries of a great modern day Brazilian psychoanalyst,
philosopher, social scientist, educator and researcher, Dr. Norberto Keppe. His pioneering work
has led to the invention of an increasingly sustainable, energy saving motor that is already up to
90% more efficient, as compared to traditional motors on the market. In the social sphere it has
led to cures of psychological, social and organic illnesses; the creation of Cooperative, worker
owned residences, businesses and cottage industries; and the evolution of a dynamic new
method of language instruction.

Please review the criteria for submitting papers. If you are still interested, we ask that you submit a brief outline of what you propose to write or present which we will review.

Potential presenters who are encouraged to submit papers will be those that can effectively relate their presentations to the theme of "The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life", and the basic theories of Dr. Keppe related to the New Physics and Analytical Trilogy.

Your paper should describe and explain what you have learned through your own professional
theory and practice about how:


By resonating with consciousness, your work has resulted in concrete examples of
a more just and sustainable society - whether it be in technology, the arts, medicine,
education, environment, human rights, or wherever you’ve got your hands to the plow.


Your work has contributed to reversing (or “dis-inverting”) the tendency of society to
turn the basic good and true values of society upside down. That is, how your efforts
have counteracted the tendency of people and programs to, as Dr. Keppe says, “invert”
reality---i.e., as when politicians and legislators destroy the law, doctors destroy health,
teachers miss-educate, etc.

At the following link, you can learn what lead to Dr. Keppe’s discoveries in harnessing and
resonating with the energies of consciousness in a “New Physics”, which grew out of his work
in “Analytical Trilogy,” the only science in the world that has extensively studied the correlations
between psychopathology and socio-pathology, the successful unification of the sciences with
philosophy and theology.

All papers should be from 5 – 10 pages, double spaced, and/or up to 3,000 words. Papers that
are accepted will be considered for possible presentation at the conference, given limited time
allotment. Please submit all papers by May 1st to:

STOP Association
Phone USA: (+1) (718) 385-6992

Brazil (55) (11) 3032-2675



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