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Norberto Keppe, Psychoanalyst, philosopher, educator and Physicist (Independent Researcher). Founder and president of the International Society of Analytical Trilogy and author of over 30 books translated into 8 languages. See more About Keppe & Pacheco


Claudia Pacheco, Psychoanalyst, educator and author. Vice-president of the International Society of Analytical Trilogy. President of the International STOP the Destruction of the World Association, which she founded in Paris in 1992. She coordinates the Association’s worldwide conscientization campaign about the psycho-social causes of the destruction of the planet through numerous TV and radio programs, books and forums and congresses. See more About Keppe & Pacheco

  Alexandre Frascari, B.S. (Brazil) has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo. He has been a researcher in Trilogical Physics, science journalist, international lecturer with the International Society of Analytical Trilogy for the past 20 years.


Adriana Silvério, Business administrator with specialization in marketing from Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon and MBA from London Business School in Dubai and London. Worked in start ups, and medium and global companies in several countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Her recent projects are focused on organizational design and strategic alignment. Concluded the post-graduation course in psycho-socio pathology from Instituto Keppe & Pacheco, is volunteer in the Ação no Bem Project and has strong interest in social entrepreneurship and the “V Empire” subject.


André Tuszel, electromechanical engineer from the Polytechnical School, Brussels University, postgraduated in Energy from the Federal Polytechnical School of Lausanne. Chief project engineer in industry and engineering companies in the electrical, industrial electronics and instrumentation divisions. Project and tests of high power pulsed power supplies in plasma research labs (nuclear fusion). Patent expert in the Federal Institute of Intelectual property at Bern, Switzerland. Researcher in the free energy field, experimenting electromagnetic, electrostatic and mechanical paths. Collaborating since 2008 in the improvement of control circuits for the Keppe Motor.



Cesar Soós, Graduated from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo in 1984 with a degree in Mining Engineering. He has worked from 1984 to 1986 as an engineer developing cubication software in Lavras in the open mine Caulim de Monte Dourado, PA (Amazon), Brazil. He worked as a trilogical entrepreneur in the civil construction field in New York, USA (1986-1988), London, England (1988-1990), Paris, France (1990-1994) and Lisbon, Portugal (1994-1996). Co-inventor of the Keppe Motor. Partner and founder of the industrial business unit dedicated to the manufacturing of artisan fans equipped with the Keppe Motor technology in Cambuquira, MG, Brazil. International speaker and professor of Physics and Metaphysics at the Technologic Institute Keppe & Pacheco.



Euripes Alves,  Professor at CEF and Polimig Technical School; Bachelor’s Degree in Standardization and Industrial Quality; Master’s Degree in Business Administration; Master’s Degree in Management of the Mechanics in Metal Industry at UNIARA; Specialist in Engineering and Quality; Twenty-five years of experience in Industrial Supervision of the three largest companies in  Minas Gerais state; Mechatronics Technical Coordinator at Polimig Technical School;
Represented SENAI in World Skills International (held in Holland, France, Canada and South Korea) as an expert member of the jury; Lead Assessor-ISO 9001 by STAT-A-Matrix Institute USA; Academic Supervisor of the Mechatronics course (TCC) on the Keppe Motor and The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics by Dr. Norberto Keppe.


Fabrizio Biliotti, B.A., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist (Italy) BA in International Relations from Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy. Language Teacher at Millenium Language School in São Paulo. He worked as an Editor of the German Magazine Dolce – Italien Entdecken, in Munich, Germany and as Freelancer at Bayerischer Rundfunk for the Radio Monaco program. He studied oboe at the Music School “R. Franci” in Siena and Jazz and Rock Guitar, attending a Musical Arrangement Course at Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio, Rome.


Frédéric Estève, Graduated with an Engineering degree in Telecommunications from Telecom Bretagne in France and Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration. He worked in France and Brazil as Sales and Project Manager in Telecommunications/IT sectors for large corporations and acted as a consultant for French governmental institutions. He lives in Brazil since 2007 and works today as a Language Teacher at Millennium Language School in São Paulo as well as he currently gives an intensive French preparation course for Brazilian diplomacy competitive examination. He studies and does research in resonant energetic systems and biomagnetism.



Gilbert Gambucci, B.A., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist (USA) Gambucci is being trained with Dr. Norberto R. Keppe since 1984 lecturing in the United States, England, France, Portugal, Sweeden, Finland, Russia and Brazil, and Piano Recitalist of international repertoire having played professionally on 3 continents. Author of” Inside the Music” where he applies Trilogy to music. Gilbert Gambucci was awarded at age 17 with the U.S. National Paderewski Piano Tournament Award.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Applied Piano at the Ithaca College School of Music on a full tuition Emerson Scholarship Award. Mr. Gambucci presently lives in São Paulo Brazil where he teaches at the Millennium School of Language and Trilogical Science.

  Gislaine Maria Lyyra, - Psychologist, graduated from Universidade Integrada Paulista in 1979. In the same year she began her training in Integral Psychoanalysis and became a certified Integral Psychotherapist and Psycho-socio-therapist by the International Society of Analytical Trilogy (SITA). In 1998-2002 and in 2006-2009 she gave advice to psycho-pedagogical coordinators of the public schools in São Roque, SP. Psycho-educational consultant for the school Oito de Maio in Itapecerica Sierra, SP since 2007. International speaker, especially in Portugal, Finland, Sweden and Brazil.
  Julieta Villarreal Villalobos , Doctor and researcher, graduated from the Institute of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba. Specialist in Family and Community Medicine at the General Hospital de La Palma, Canary Islands - Spain. Currently conducts training in Integral Psychoanalysis and Psychosomatic Medicine at the Institute of Education Keppe & Pacheco in São Paulo.


Karl Zimmer, Accomplished I.T. professional with physics research in accordance with the original theories of Maxwell and Heaviside. Following Bearden’s work on virtual photons and Keppe’s work on disinverted metaphysics have yielded Tesla-type electric generators and motors. Developing a Pennsylvania-based Manufacturing Leadership Program to evolve products from idea to completion, all manufactured locally. Built Keppe test motors to confirm the pulsed DC motor efficiency concept.


  Kerstin Arvidsson, - psychoanalyst trained in Integral Psychoanalysis by the International Society of Analytical Trilogy (SITA). Degree in nursing with a specialization in psychiatry in Sweden. 20 years of experience giving lectures and courses on Integral Psychoanalysis in Sweden, France and Brazil.

Kerstin Bergqvist, Master’s degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, an international lecturer and Trilogical  psycho-socio therapeut, founder and president of Swedish Institute of Integral Psychoanalysis specializing in courses on cooperation and conflict-solving in the workplace based on Analytical Trilogy.



Leonard H. Burg, Over the last 40 years Len Burg has worked professionally as a holistic health educator, community activist, Higher Education Administrator and project coordinator.  In his healing work he has specialized in Soul Therapy – a form of psycho-spiritual counseling which uproots the mind patterns at the root of physical and psychical symptoms. He has also given meditation instruction as a co-founder, Vice President and International Coordination Liaison of A Centre for the World Religions – USA branch, a U.N. affiliated NGO. Currently he is also Project & Operations Coordinator in the Division for Student Success at Pace University in New York City and he is on the board of directors of StopNA, (Stop the Destruction of the World North America).


Loryel Rocha, Bachelor in Philosophy with an emphasis in Classic Literature from the Catholic University Pontifícia, Rio de Janeiro. Professor of the program PACEM at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Consultant for cultural projects of architecture and urbanism. Researcher of History and Mythic Geography of Brazil and Portugal. Founding member of the Mukharajj Institute.



Luciara Avelino, B.A., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist (Brazil). Graduated in  languages at University of Brasília – Brasil. Worked on the development and teaching of training programs in psycho-socio-therapy with the International Society of Analytical Trilogy in Brazil. Coordinator of innovative consulting program to train teachers to apply psycho-socio therapy techniques in their educational institutions. Clients include: School 8 de Maio, São Paulo, School 1º de Maio, São Paulo, School district of São Roque, SP, University of UNISA, Santa Catarina. Teacher of French, Portuguese for Foreigners and English using the unique psycho-linguistic method developed at ISAT and Millennium.

  Luiza Burkinski - Luiza served in general management works in Brazil for the past 10 years and another 10 years abroad in New York, Paris, London, Lisbon and Oporto, thus acquiring extensive experience with various styles and profiles of clients of various nationalities including the ability to communicate in other languages.
  Magali Borges de Oliveira (Brazil) - - From Cambuquira, she is a pharmacist, biologist, chemist and university professor. Has visited several European countries, lived four years in England where she earned a doctorate in chemistry. Participated in politics, currently in office as the Municipal Secretary of Culture in Cambuquira. She is also an artist with 20 years of experience with oils on canvas, specializing in religious art and the landscapes of Cambuquira. She has participated in celebrated art exhibitions. She is also involved with soapstone carvings, embroidery, tapestry making, tile painting and practicing the saxophone.


Márcia Sgrinhelli, D.D.S. (Brazil) - Dental Surgeon with degree from the School of Dentistry at the University of São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil, with 27 years extensive training in the Norberto Keppe Institute of Integral Psychoanalysis, Paris, France and New York, N.Y. with on going research in the fields of psychosomatic medicine and dentistry. Mrs. Sgrinhelli lectures internationally and has more than 25 years of international clinical dentistry experience in Brazil, the United States and Europe. She is co-author of the book, Dentistry for the 3rd Millennium.



Markku Lyyra, B.A., Trilogical Psychoterapist for more than 20 years. Has been lecturing internationally about Analytical Trilogy in several countries, in Scandinavia, Russia, USA and Brazil. Translator of Trilogical books. Works at the ISAT clinic as a psychoterapist and attends clients from several countries.

  Mônica Silveira de Magalhães - Surgical dentist, graduated in 1989 from the Federal University of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri in Diamantina, MG. 11 years working in a dental clinic in São Paulo and currently doctoring in Cambuquira, MG. Integral researcher in psychosomatic medicine. Portuguese professor at the Millennium Language School


Newton Burmeister B. Santos, Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management at UFRJ; Master’s Degree in Natural and Holistic Therapies at UCB; Floral, quantum and holistic therapist; Twenty-nine years of experience as an engineer; Twenty years as a manager; Ten years as a therapist; Five years of independent research on scalar energy; At present, studying Integral Leadership at UNIPAZ- RJ and working in the field of chemical industry as a Procurement Manager, Imports and Exports.



Pérsio Burkinski, Bachelor in Business Administration from Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil. He has extensively lectured about Analytical Trilogy in several countries, in Italy, France, England, Russia, USA and Brazil. He has worked in the development and setting up of Trilogical enterprises in USA, France, Portugal and Brazil. Currectly He is a Sworn translator, director of the Millennium’s Translations Department and Vice-President of the Association Stop the Destruction of The world. Professor of Languages.



Raimondo Cuocolo, electronic engineer  (Polytechnic from Napoli), with international specialization (Brazil, USA, France, Italy and Japan), performs for 35 years in many companies in the field of Projects, Development and Manufacturing of Electronic Systems, researcher in Alternative Energies and developer of the Keppe Motor Didactic Panel at De Lorenzo International.


Richard Jones, B.A., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist - is a Canadian broadcaster, an international lecturer with the International Society of Analytical Trilogy and host of the popular radio program, Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head based on Norberto Keppe’s science of psycho-socio-pathology.


Roberto Frascari, Studied Physics and Architecture at the University of São Paulo and Production Engineering at the Engineering University of São Carlos. He hás been a researcher in Trilogical Physics, science journalist, international lecturer with the International Society of Analytical Trilogy for the past 20 years. Co-inventor of the Keppe Motor.


Roberto Silvano, entrepreneur, manager and consultant in Trilogical companies. He has worked under the direction of Dr. Norberto R. Keppe, creator of the Trilogical Business Model and  Trilogical Management Company, since 1987, and has lived and worked in N.Y., Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, London and São Paulo.  
He is a founding partner of the Keppe Motor Industry factory in Cambuquira, MG, Brazil, and currently serves as President of Cooperlinguas , a Trilogical Teachers and Translators cooperative. 



Rodrigo Pacheco Angélico, B.A., J.D., (Brazil) accomplished his studies in Paris II Assas, Haute Etudes de Droit et Economie, graduated in Languages from the Institut Superior Catholique de Paris, has a Law degree from the FMU, Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas. Part owner of Clarion Voyages-Paris. Translator  and interpreter of a number of official Brazilian government representatives in France.


Salvatore de Salvo, University professor and international scientist in Geobiology for the International Biographic Centre of Cambridge, England; Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Air Force Academy (Naples, Italy); Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI-SP). Author of several books including Symphony of Energy I and II and several works of a didactic nature (Giarre, Catania, Italy)



Sari Koivukangas, Graduated in Business Administration from the University of Turku, Finland and University of São Paulo. She is a psycho-socio therapist and since 1999 she hás worked as a teacher and author of articles and innovative educational material at Millennium Language School in São Paulo. She has translated books on the science of Analytical Trilogy into Finnish.


Selma Pup Genzani, B.S., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist (Brazil). Has been studying and applying Analytical Trilogy for over 20 years now, with practical international experience in Paris, London, Sweden, New York, Lisbon and São Paulo, working in Trilogical Enterprises, teaching  and lecturing specially in the fields of health and human relations. Started to work as a Trilogical Psychotherapist in Paris, in 1993. Nowadays attends clients at ISAT clinic in São Paulo, Brazil.



Sofie Bergqvist, B.A., Certified Psycho-socio-therapist (Sweden). Bachelor of Languages from the University of Stockholm and Midsweden University, began to work with Analytical Trilogy in her homeland, Sweden, but was later invited to teach and do further studies at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy in São Paulo, Brazil, where she has been working for the last ten years. She is an international lecturer and regular participant in television and radio shows on the applications of Analytical Trilogy in different fields. She is also the translator of Norberto Keppe’s books into Swedish.



Sterling Allan, Journalist and the primary driving force behind,,, and most recently Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, of which he is CEO, is the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies. In May, 2012, Sterling founded the New Energy Systems Trust to help bring these technologies to market.


Susan Berkley is the president and founder of The Great Voice Company in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. A top voice over artist, she is the author  of Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice. A certified psycho-socio therapist with the International Society of Analytical Trilogy, she has co-translated several of Dr Keppe's books into English including The Origin of Illness and The New Physics of A Dis-inverted Metaphysics.


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