19th ICAT July 6 - 12, 2013 Grande Hotel Trilogia, Cambuquira - MG - Brazil

The Analytical Trilogy’s Social Justice Initiatives from STOP Project




The Energetics Of Consciousness In Everyday Life


The Energy Solution For The New Millennium

The Keppe motor, (developed by STOP engineers under the orientation of Norberto Keppe, author of the book The New Physics of Disinverted Metaphysics) captures clean, free and abundant energy which will help solve mankind’s critical energy problems. Watch this program to better understand what we are dealing with here and the incredible benefits this discovery will bring to mankind.


How to straighten out the world

In this excerpt from the STOP TV program, psychoanalyst and social scientist Norberto Keppe considers the key factors necessary to put the world back on the right track.
“Either all of humanity develops in goodness or we all perish in evil"


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